Laminitis, founder, hoof wall cracks, extended white line, dished profile, flares, crushed heels, are all ailments or conditions of the equine hoof wall that require a reduction or elimination of the weight bearing load for successful management and repair of hoof wall cracks. These ailments are actually symptoms of tissue overload that a hoof filler would benefit. The tissues of the hoof wall and laminae have broken down when they cannot handle the forces applied against them. The hoof wall and/or laminae are showing signs of strain and failure due to stresses relative to normal weight bearing and locomotion.

To stop the tissues from being injured and subsequently enable repair and healing, it is necessary to unload the hoof wall with a hoof filler. The weight bearing load is simply removed by eliminating the hoof wall from contacting the ground. The injury process is terminated and the rejuvenation process begins immediately. The injured tissues are allowed to heal in a relaxed state. Results are consistent and complete.

If you unload it, it will heal.


Within the equine industry, there is a reluctance to make use of the actual sole of the hoof for weight bearing purposes. Experienced farriers and veterinarians are quick to point out the fact that the sole will easily bruise and become inflamed with excessive pressure. However it has been proven that the sole can withstand the entire load for that limb for an indefinite time, provided the load is cushioned and evenly distributed over the maximum surface area available. This includes the sole, bars and frog. Besides the tremendous advantage of unloading the hoof wall, sole loading has a stimulating effect. The circulation within the hoof seems to be improved. Injured tissues seem to rejuvenate quicker. Hoof wall and sole callous growth is noticeably faster and thicker.


The 5S Equine Support System is designed to unload the hoof wall while providing soft sole support regardless of ground conditions. The laws of physics tell us that if a force is evenly distributed over a large area, the pressure on all surfaces of that area will be uniform and minimal. The 5S Sole Support System is based on this principle.

The system consists of the 5S Insole, the 5S Supporter Pad, and the 5S Eliminator Pad.

The 5S Insole Putty emanates from "dental impression material". It is a two part compound (polyvinylsiloxane) which is mixed in equal parts by hand. The putty custom molds into the contours of the individual hoof sole cavity. It cures to a soft rubber texture in four to seven minutes. The resulting insole provides a full arch support of resilient, conforming rubber utilizing all the surfaces of the bars, frog, sulci, and sole. The contours are artificially extended to a flat surface level with the rim of the hoof wall. The weight-bearing load on the sole is cushioned and evenly distributed.

The 5S Insole is a key component to the 5S system and is also invaluable as a packing or filler under any hoof pad. It provides cushioned sole support which is especially helpful when dealing with poor quality, thin soled, weak walled hooves.

The 5S Pads (Supporter and Eliminator models available) are constructed of tough tire-like rubber. They cover the entire ground surface of the hoof and enclose the 5S Insole. The center portion covers the entire solar area of the hoof and is fitted to the inner circumference of a metal horseshoe. The pad's ground surface has a tire-like tread that provides traction.

The Supporter Pad has a 5/16" thick tread and thus extends to the ground surface of a normal shoe. Both the pad and the shoe make contact with the ground. The load is "shared" between the sole and the wall. The effective weight-bearing load on the wall is reduced and the horse remains comfortable and able to perform many of its regular functions.

The Eliminator Pad has a 9/16" thick tread and thus extends beyond the thickness of a normal shoe. With the Eliminator pad installed, the shoe does not make contact with the ground, eliminating the entire weight-bearing load from the hoof wall. The horse's weight is comfortably transferred by way of the sole, bars and frog through the 5S Insole and 5S Pad to the ground.

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